Quinta da Vacaria invests 10 million in winery and hotel and creates 100 jobs in the Douro

Quinta da Vacaria is investing 10 million euros in the construction of a winery and a hotel next to the Douro River, in Régua, which will create 100 jobs, it was announced today.

Implanted in the UNESCO World Heritage Douro, the winery will be practically "embedded in the hillside", under the vines, and the five-star hotel unit will be built in a house that dates back to the 17th century and that will be restored, keeping the original architecture.

Rui Quelhas, the investor's representative, said that an investment of 10 million euros is being made, which will create about 100 jobs, 60 of which in the hotel and 40 in the winery.

The responsible person mentioned that, as part of the project, the current winery, located next to road 313-1, built in 1985 and that he classified as an example of what "should not be done", will also be demolished.

Launched the first of the Hotel Quinta da Vacaria

The construction of the 5* Hotel Quinta da Vacaria, in Peso da Régua, started today.

This hotel unit will complete the tourist enterprise that integrates a winery with particularities that will distinguish it in the region and in the country, whose construction is in an advanced stage.

The 5-star hotel and winery represent an overall investment of 10 million euros. The project will create 100 jobs. 


Douro will have a new five star hotel

At Quinta da Vacaria, one of the oldest in the Douro, a new winery and a five-star hotel unit will be built, overlooking the river.

Quinta da Vacaria is located on the right bank of the Douro River, near the town of Régua. It is one of the oldest properties in the region, with the first record dating back to 1616. In order to attract more tourists, it is building a five-star hotel and a new winery. The project has a total investment of 10 million euros and will create 100 jobs.