The story of wine production at Quinta da Vacaria dates back to 1616, four centuries ago.

Between trips in barrels on rabelo boats with false identities and the anonymity of local productions, this nectar of the gods was born on the banks of the Douro River and has reached our days with this phenomenal background. It is with enormous pride, that Quinta da Vacaria has one of the largest and most valuable port wine estates to date, only in 2016 the wine was finally bottled locally and labelled with its own brand.

THE vineyard


Follow the banks of the Douro and lose yourself not only to admire the beauty of its poetic landscapes, but also to meditate on the ruins of its picturesque farms, to observe the wise and refined culture of its beautiful vineyards.

It is around Régua that the vine culture presents a considerable development and is displayed in its luxuriant splendour. Nothing is more admirable than the panorama that unfolds before our eyes, in the season when the vines display all their splendour. Nowhere else, the Douro presents such as pleasing aspect.


The Quinta da Vacaria is located in the Baixo Corgo area, on the eastern borders of Régua. In the documentation it is described in these terms: “it was 16 Legoas away from this city, (Porto) near the river Douro, from the bridge of Trás os Montes, 3 Legoas away from Villa Real, in the term of the Villa de Canellas”.

It was divided into two farms: the Corgo farm, in the surroundings of the Corgo river and the farm called Vacaria, crossed by an important road that connected Trás-os-Montes’ area, Lamego and Peso da Régua.