Quinta da Vacaria is one of the oldest Duriense properties.

History says that the wine production in the Quinta dates back to 1616, 4 centuries ago.

Our wines between trips on the Rabelo boats to Vila Nova de Gaia lost their identity, but never ceased their prestige.

It is is great pride that the Quinta has today one of the largest and valuable Porto Wines, only in  2016 were bottles in its origin with our own brand and producer label.

THE vineyard


When travelling along the banks of the Corgo and Douro Rivers it is pleasant to observe the poetic beauty of our vineyards and when we observe them we will see that our agriculture is based on respect for the soil, plants and surronding ecosystems.


Quinta da Vacaria is located in Baixo Corgo, in the between of the banks of Rio Corgo and Douro, on the eastern limits of Peso da Régua town.

In the old documentation it is described in these terms:

“It was 16 Legoas away from this city, (Porto) near the river Douro, from the bridge of Trás os Montes, 3 Legoas away from Villa Real, in the term of the Villa de Canellas”.